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“Cierra Lauren is native to Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in Fashion Design. Her experience in the global fashion industry has expanded her knowledge and connections. She has worked for leading brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch. She has participated in many runway shows including New York Fashion Week. One of her designs was featured at the grammy awards. With exquisite attention to detail her aesthetic is couture and avant-garde. Her world traveling is apparent in her exotically chic designs, which sets her apart from other designers.

Cierra Lauren focuses primarily on Bridal where she is able to make brides dreams come true. Her passion for creating one of a kind unique wedding gowns is perfect for the bride who wants to feel unique and special on her wedding day. Though her passion is couture wedding gown statement pieces she offers a variety of easy to wear items as well ranging from bohemian layering pieces to accessories.

The collections of Cierra Lauren are structured on the simple concept of uniqueness and originality. All of the designs are exclusively one of a kind. The collections are inspired by rustic, bohemian, sense of style which is transformed into an edgy, romantic flair. Many of the creations are a combination of vintage heirlooms and antique lace. The delicate blend of this unique combination creates a beautiful hint of chic romance. “

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