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My Wedding Gown

How it All Started

Dakota Stephens

Custom Design

Sharon Santino

Custom Design

Whether you want to modify an existing design or create your own unique look, we're here to help. We are happy to work with your budget and want to see your vision come to life.  We will find a way to make your dream come true, whether you live locally or far away. Send a message with your inquiry so we can begin collaborating on your own custom design today.

Kendra Seifert

Custom Design

Amy Winter

Custom Design

Sveta Albrecht

Custom Design

Angela Roberts

Custom Embellished Design

Nikki Miller

Custom Sleeve Design

Anna Gardner

Custom Alteration

Jenn Reeve

Custom Alteration

Pam Suh

Custom Gown

Morgan Danec


Jamie Lipp

Custom Jewelry & Veil Design

Jenna Smith

Custom Alteration

Leslie Cron

Custom Alteration

Victor Waymon

Custom Suit Lining

Carlyn Fulp

Custom Gown

Cynthia Calliari

Custom Cape & Hair Piece Design

Chelsea Jordan

Custom Alteration

Rachel Maxwell

Custom Alteration

Quinn Muessig

Custom Suit Lining

Janet Kenney

Mother of the Bride Alteration

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