Gypsy Feather Mask For Glasses


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This easy to use mask is perfect for those who wear glasses. It has two tabs that easily slide onto the arm of the glasses. Adjust the nose piece for a closer fit, cinch the sides as desired and tie in the back. This mask features a soft boho printed linen fabric, soft black cotton lining, and soft cotton twill tie.

This mask is made of two layers with an interior pocket to place a filter. Included is a coffee filter, but you can switch it out for your desired filter.  This also features a bendable nose piece to help shape the mask closer to your face.

Care instructions – this item can be washed to sanitize. Recommend to place in a pillow case or in a net bag to help protect it and then lay flat to air dry.

mask is 8.5″ wide and 5.25 tall



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